It is the goal of our Office not only to satisfy all accounting needs of our clients but also to support them in daily analysis of their corporate expenditures, financial needs and plans.

Our work is our passion and every client is very important for us.

We guarantee that we will serve each client duly and carefully.


Basic Accounting Service:

• Keeping accounting books
• Keeping registers of intangible and fixed assets, equipment
• Keeping registers of revenues for lump sum income tax purposes
• Keeping sales and purchases registers for VAT purposes
• Preparation of monthly tax returns
• VAT registers and settlements, preparation of monthly VAT declarations
• Preparation of preliminary and final income tax declarations
• Representing the client before competent authorities
• Preparation of monthly reports
• Preparation of reports to foreign parent companies
• Preparation of documents circulation and accounting policy
• Preparation of company charts of accounts
• Preparation and analysis of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
• Preparation of annual balance with income and loss statements
• Preparation of minutes of board meetings (MOM) including carried resolutions / reports
• Preparation of declarations for the Central Statistical Office, for bank purposes

HR Service:

• Keeping HR records and employees files
• Registration of employees in ZUS (National Insurance Office)
• Preparation of employment contracts, termination notices, etc.
• Holidays schedules & evidence
• Help in arranging BHP trainings, medical examines

Payroll Service:

• Preparation of payroll lists and calculation
• Preparation of declarations for ZUS
• Preparation of statements of employees time work, holidays, illness, salaries
• Preparation of monthly insurance reports for employees (ZUS RMUA)
• Preparation of annual tax declarations for employees and persons hired on contracts
• HR & payroll consulting

Additional Consultancy Service:

• Advice and consultancy for individuals and incorporated bodies (including ex. formal and/or financial aspects of their form of activity)
• Preparation of documents, registration forms and notifications obligatory for company’s registration
• Preparation of documents, registration forms and notifications obligatory for individual’s activity registration
• Development of business plans, economic and financial analyses • Representing the clients outside and before competent authorities on the basis of relevant powers of attorney
• Drafting of commercial contracts and civil agreements due to individual needs